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The Odorox® range comprises various hydroxyl generators (we stock all 11 different types in the UK) that have been designed to meet a wide range of specification, industries and uses according to different space capacities and air decontamination needs. The generators basically vary as to the type and number of optics, presence and capacity of a fan, ability to be fixed to an existing HVAC system and the sophistication of their monitoring controls.

Please review the models listed and/or contact OHT and we will gladly answer any questions you have about a specific product, need or application.

*Please note throughout that whenever we mention that a particular model has a specific area coverage this is approximate and generally assumes average contamination levels with average ongoing recontamination. Larger or more heavily contaminated areas may need more than one unit or use of more powerful models. Please note also that when we talk about 'area coverage' this assumes an average 9ft (or approximately 3m) ceiling height for space capacity purpose. Higher ceilings may require either multiple units or more powerful models for the area quoted.


  • odorox Sanx Hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® SanX

    The optimal choice in compact commercial or residential spaces up to 750 sq.ft.(75 sq.m.)

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  • odorox Slimline Hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Slimline

    Suitable for general medical, clinical, institutional, commercial, or residential use up to 1500 sq.ft.(150 sq.m.). The Slimline unit is generally speaking a more powerful version of the SanX.

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  • odorox IDU Hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Induct Unit (IDU)

    The Odorox® Induct Unit (IDU) is designed to be fitted directly and permanently into an existing HVAC system enabling coverage of up to 3500 sq.ft. (350 sq.m.) and has variable optic control.

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  • odorox mdu hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Medical Disinfection Unit (MDU)

    Portable and suitable for medical, clinical, institutional, hazmat, veterinary or hospitality use up to 1000 sq.ft. (100 sq.m.)

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  • odorox oasis hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Oasis

    Easily installed by ducting connection to an existing HVAC system the Oasis is suitable for areas up to 2500 sq.ft. (250 sq.m.)

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  • odorox boss hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Boss Model

    A hugely versatile, portable and powerful unit Boss has been highly successful in a range of applications including fire and water damage restoration and mould control. The Boss unit can deodorize and decontaminate up to 2500 sq.ft. (250 sq.m.)

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  • odorox boss xl3 hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Boss XL3

    The ODOROX® Boss XL3 unit is designed to be linked to an external air mover and can deodorize, decontaminate and dry up to 4000 sq.ft. (400 sq.m.)and beyond depending on the type of air mover.

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The commercial & industrial models create higher concentrations of hydroxyls and enjoy even more sophisticated management systems so the technology can be effectively used on some of the toughest and largest decontamination and purification needs.

The larger MVP machines can be further customised to meet specific space and contamination needs such as separate control panels as well as built in sensors so that as the contaminant is eliminated, the machines self regulate to ensure the job is being done as efficiently as possible.

  • odorox decon scrubber Hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® Decon Scrubber

    A powerful and portable unit enabling removal and decontamination of heavier particulates and pollutants from spaces up to 5000 sq.ft. (500 sq.m.)

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  • odorox hydroxyl room curtain Hydroxyl generator

    ODOROX® HRC06 (Hydroxyl Room Curtain)

    The Odorox® Hydroxyl Room Curtain (HRC06) is usually wall mounted to eliminate odours, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and mould contamination in areas up to 5000 sq. ft. (500 sq.m.) It produces a horizontal 'curtain like' hydroxyl cascade ideal for certain locations and applications.

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  • odorox master voc processor 14 hydroxyl generator


    The Odorox® MVP14 (Master VOC Processor) product line is the smaller version of the most technologically advanced industrial foul-air management system in the world.

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  • odorox master voc processor 14 hydroxyl generator


    The Odorox® MVP48(Master VOC Processor) product line is the big brother of the MVP14 and represents the ultimate industrial air purification management system available in the world.

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