Odorox® has capabilities well beyond managing odours. This highly validated hydroxyl radical technology provides a natural yet modern and rapid, highly effective and economic solution to sub-optimal indoor air quality due to bacteria, viruses, moulds, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), undesirable inorganic gases, smog, smoke and offending odours.

Unlike other air purification systems which are of limited capacity and/or safety, including those using ozone, simple UV, foggers and harsh chemicals, Odorox® technology is powerful, flexible and yet safe for people, animals, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, electronics and all other sensitive materials. This allows our generators to be generally operated without restriction, both in habitable or production areas, for up to twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week subject to need and adherence to our simple instructions for use.

Internationally Validated

Thousands of clients worldwide, can now confirm that Odorox® hydroxyl generators eliminate chemicals, smoke, odours, moulds and pathogens to allow any enclosed space to be worked in, enjoyed, rented or sold with no loss in downtime, productivity, safety or revenue.

Whether at home or at work, rest or play, in clinics, hospitals, schools, universities, nursing or day care centres, the food industry, breweries and bottling plants, production facilities, chemical establishments, sewage and water works, sports and fitness centers, offices, restaurants, hotels, transport services, shopping centres and many other locations, Odorox® has powerful yet safe, efficient and economic benefits. In fact Odorox® is applicable to any public or industrial building or environment where air quality needs to be optimised to enable enhanced and safe air quality.

Please read on below for more specific detail and applications which have already emerged from the international launch of Odorox® plus reference to some of our many case studies. Further details of these case studies, as specifically agreed with those clients, can be made available on request.

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Disaster Restoration, Insurance, Maintenance & Hazmat Application

Food and Drink Including High Technology

Industrial & Manufacturing

Corporate and Retail Premises

Agriculture and Animal Management

Utilities & Public Services

Hospitality & Leisure

Residential Care

Domestic Uses