Gaseous and particle pollutant levels in the home are often 2 to 100 times higher than those detected outdoors. Why? Excessive moisture in homes from water leaks and uncontrolled humidity also can lead to elevated allergens and moulds. Air tight and well-insulated building construction mean less fresh air thus leading to increased pollutant levels. Home environments can therefore easily become irritating and unhealthy. Odorox® can counter all these issues and generally neutralise domestic challenges such as allergies and pet odours in fabric as well as airborne and surface pathogens. The smaller SanX and Slimline units offer simple and perfect plug in value for the discerning home owner. Larger units such as Boss XL3 can be easily used with more advanced air conditioning systems or in larger properties. In short the Odorox® product line has solutions for people who suffer from: asthma, allergies, lung diseases, respiratory problems, weakened immune system; or people who snore, smoke, have children or pets, have a second home or recreational vehicles such as a caravans and boats.

Home Owners - How Odorox® treats asthma allergies & mould in the home here.

Please contact us for more examples of how Odorox® can provide a perfect solution to a particular domestic problem and enhanced air quality and protection for you, your family and all residents. 

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