Green Technology

OHT has partnered with The PYURE Company and its Odorox® hydroxyl generating technology developed at their main 32,000 sq.ft. research, development and custom manufacturing headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. The PYURE Company, putting “Green Technology at Work®”, is already recognised as a pioneer in combating the effects of industrialization on our planet.Odorox® is a state-of-the-art air purification technology, yet natural and totally environmentally friendly, contained in highly sustainable and high quality units. Odorox® sets a new 'green' standard in air purification whilst also delivering the capability of solving intense and/or large airspace contamination problems, something beyond the capability of other air purification technologies. We are setting the industry standard in order to benefit humans and animals globally, while at the same time maintaining sensitivity to the environment and contributing to its sustainability. 

Meeting further air contamination challenges

Thanks to its partnership with The PYURE Company, OHT is strongly positioned in the EU to offer solutions to a huge variety of air contamination problems. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to Odorox® technology and the increasing awareness of its potential, The PYURE Company is currently expanding its manufacturing facilities and development focus on meeting ever emerging demands and challenges in key application areas. These include the increasingly critical domestic and office indoor air-quality (IAQ) market, the personal health/wellness sector, agriculture, the travel industry, fire and water damage industry, the food industry, and a host of industrial and public sector applications such as improved management of hazmat and wastewater facilities which has become increasingly important in recent times. OHT will share in this growth of capacity and knowledge.


With The PYURE Company, our partners, we share a hugely worthwhile mission:

'To significantly improve quality of life and operational efficiency by applying Odorox®, a green and sustainable technology that improves air quality, eliminates potentially harmful airborne and surface bound pathogens, airborne pollutants and dangerous or offensive odours and often their sources from indoor environments'.

OHT undertakes to do this by offering our customers only the advice, evidence based solutions and value that we truly believe will satisfy their circumstances. That is why we are called OHT Solutions!