Many locations have a need to continuously eliminate pathogens in the air and on surfaces to enable significant reduction in illnesses for all, but particularly susceptible members of the population including the elderly and children.The Odorox® product line has obvious applicability in a range of public and private healthcare environments from GP surgeries to clinics and hospital wards. With a proven 'kill' capability of a vast range of both airborne and surface based pathogens, Odorox® technology can reduce cross infection and reduce the rate of illnesses for both 'in' and 'out' patients as well as staff. Either via use of simple 'plug in' type units or specially designed medical units with pre-filtration capability, or to be used in conjunction with existing systems Odorox® technology offers much improved safety.

1.Hospital Patient Recovery Area - Learn how Odorox® reduces airborne bacteria in hospitals here.
2.Self-disinfecting Ambulances - Learn how Odorox® continually disinfects ambulances here.

We have further regularly updated data showing how Odorox® technology kills over 250 types of representative pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi)in different healthcare environments.

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