Odorox® hydroxyl generators are perfect for enabling safer operator activity, cleaning, maintenance and restoration activities involving fire & smoke, water & flood, sewage backups, biohazard waste, unpleasant environments, trauma cleanup, mould mitigation, odour elimination and contents reclamation. Odorox® products allow disaster restoration and contractor companies to complete their jobs faster, safer and more effectively and to reduce insurance liability. Insurance companies too can offer Odorox® as an enhanced value service. Maintenance groups can be sure their operators are better protected. 

1.Retail Warehouse Fire Restoration - Odorox® removed smoke damage from premises after a fire here.
2.Smoke Damaged Stock - How Odorox® removes smoke from a retailers fire damaged stock here.

We can share more documented case studies showing how Odorox® can remedy highly unpleasant odours and health hazards which may otherwise cause businesses to close or face external environmental pressure (See Tallowmasters) or has reversed the effect of smoke damage, VOC contamination, mould contamination or other situations where restricted access and ambient airflow created intrinsic risk. 

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