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OHT Solutions® - (Odorox® Hydroxyl Technology)

'Providing Assurance in Air Quality - from Pathogen to Pollution - from Domestic to Industrial Scale'

Latest Announcements

COVID-19 & OHT - Current Position: We are open and fully operational and acting within UK Government Guidelines. We are able to dispatch units and have recently taken delivery of replenishment stock. Please contact us with your requirements.

March 2020: COVID-19 & Odorox.The technology has been successfully validated against surrogate species, so is considered to have disinfection capability. Please contact us for more information.

January 2019: OHT Solutions create a new role for Head of UK Customer Service, to support its growing list of valued clients.

September 2018: The results of testing the efficacy of Odorox® technology are published in a Technical Paper in the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. To read click here.

August 2017: Odorox® features in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine article on odour control during Yeast manufacturing. To read click here.

July 2015: OHT present the Internal Air Quality Webinar, in the Sustainable Communities Series. To view click here.

June 2015: Odorox® features in Influents Magazine article on odour removal in the Waste Water Industry. To read click here.

January 2015: FDA approves Odorox® MDU unit for use in medical facilities. To read click here.

December 2014: Odorox® given "Letter of No Objection" from Health Canada. To read click here.

October 2014: Odorox® story featured in a Huffington Post (Canada) article about improving air quality. To read click here.

July 2014: Updated 'kill' data available for key pathogens including Norovirus. To read click here.

May 2014: Review in 'Climate Control Middle East' positions Odorox® technology (the only multi-wavelength UV purification system) as leader amongst its technical peers in the air cleaning market. To read click here.

April 2014: New OHT/Odorox® UK brochure available on request. (please request via enquiry@ohtsolutions.com)

March 2014: Odorox® range features in a leading UK newspaper www.express.co.uk/finance/city/.. report coinciding with the UK smog alert and highlighting need for imminent EU clean air directives and improving IAQ (indoor air quality) standards.

February 2014: Full range of Odorox® stock now available in the UK. OHT also opens EU Odorox® demonstration laboratory in London displaying complete range.

December 2013: Odorox® range gains CE approval in the EU.

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From the smallest SanX unit to the largest MVP48 please use this site to learn about Odorox® technology, its capabilities and applications as experienced by customers who have already acclaimed its benefits. Discover why we know we have a solution for your particular air purification need in the UK and EU.