The Odorox® product line has solutions for animal and produce production, storage and transportation whether involving pigs, poultry, dairy, plants, fruit, vegetables, flowers, hydroponics, equestrian facilities, meat/food processing and slaughterhouses/rendering facilities. The Odorox® system does not use chemicals or compounds, and is safe for people, plants and animals. It effectively eliminates odours, biological and chemical contaminants, and results in superior and more efficient production or yields and reduces wastage in storage.

1.Commercial Glasshouse Grower - How Odorox® improves plant yield in a commercial greenhouse here.
2.Equestrian Facilities - Reduced odour & improved animal health in stables and barns with Odorox® here.

Please contact us for further non-confidential examples and detail of how Odorox® technology can enable safer and more productive activities including enhanced vegetable and fruit preservation. 

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