What is a hydroxyl (radical)?

Hydroxyls (HO•) are radicals that occur naturally in our atmosphere. They are created when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with water vapor, and are the single most important cleansing agent in our environment already countering man made air pollution such as smog. For more technical information, click here.

Are the generators safe to run in occupied areas?

Unlike ozone or harsh chemicals, hydroxyls are effective and also completely safe for people, pets and plants. They will not damage rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, electronics or other sensitive materials. They will also not bleach or discolour items that are wet. However the units are powerful and it is important to ensure the optimal unit and mode of use for the particular need and that our user and safety instructions are followed.

What type of maintenance is required?

Very little. The optics need to be replaced on average after approximately 8,000 hours (approximately 24/365) but longer run times are possible with continuous use. Some generators also contain washable filters that need to be cleaned once a month. Most maintenance, especially in the smaller units, can be easily achieved by someone who is capable and carefully following the user instructions. However maintenance contracts are available on request.

What is the product warranty?

Each unit is supplied with a standard one year full parts and labour warranty but warranty extensions are available, also via service contracts. As proven by their adoption elsewhere the units are ultra-reliable and the only replacement parts are the low priced and easy to change optics which need to be replaced approximately every 8000 working hours (approximately 24/365) or even longer if used optimally.

How long does it take for a generator to work?

This is of course dependent on the scenario. However basic odours are dispelled in seconds and most results are often noticed within the first few minutes of operation, with heavy and impregnated odours being permanently eliminated after 3 - 4 days. For ongoing air management needs a positive effect can be maintained as long as the units are kept switched on or used in an optimal purification cycle as in most cases the units do not need to be kept on full time to be effective and can be used selectively.

How large an area will a generator typically process?

The area covered by one generator will vary depending on the model but also several factors such as layout of the area to be treated, severity of problem and airflow. All of our generators are engineered to solve specific problems, and for very large spaces can also be used in combination so there is almost no (internal) space problem too large that we can't handle. One single MVP48 unit (our very largest model) has been successfully used to counter smoke damage in a space of 4.5 million cubic feet (approx 127,000 cubic metres). However, please contact us with the details of your situation so we may provide you with an accurate and cost effective recommendation based on your requirements.

What makes Odorox® equipment better than other air purification systems?

Odorox® technology produces hydroxyls in exactly the same way nature does. Ozone generators, ionizers, chemicals, foggers. UV lamps and other devices are less easy to use, far less efficient and effective, and can create complicated and potentially hazardous side effects themselves or at best only mask problems and do not eliminate them. They usually also do not make economic sense versus Odorox®.

How does Odorox® kill mould?

Odorox® largely acts against moulds by purifying the airspace and so cutting off the food source for mould. This is because moulds feed on bacteria and micro-organisms present in contaminated surfaces and air and so by killing these using hydroxyl radicals the mould is rendered inert. In the same way moulds do not develop in or adjacent to the activity of natural sunlight, ODOROX® is able to bring the hydroxyl generating effects of sunshine into the most enclosed and damp environment.

Is Odorox® equipment easy to use?

Yes! For most of the range all you need to do is fully unpack and simply plug in to a standard UK/EU 220-240 volt power supply, turn it on and let it run. The larger ones do require simple but professional electrical installation. All but the largest and customised models run on less than 3 amps of power and usually cost much less than 50p per day for power if run full time. Most units do no need to be run full time once the acute issue is controlled and can be scheduled to run at optimal times to suit specific need or challenge. The machines are tough, generally portable (unless HVAC connected) and lightweight except for the larger units which can be easily fixed or situated for maximum effect.

Can you buy or rent Odorox® equipment?

Both. Ask us for details.

I have an air quality problem - can you help me discretely? But do you also have case studies and testimonials?

As an absolute rule we respect our clients privacy with respect to their air quality problems and we are willing to arrange or sign confidentiality agreements to ensure this remains the case. However we have many clients who are so pleased with the results of using Odorox® that they are happy this specific nformation be shared with others who might benefit and have allowed us (in writing) to do so. The applications of Odorox® are immense, such is its effectiveness and flexibility, and we are discovering new potential needs and users almost every day.

Do you demonstrate the units?

Yes demonstrations can be arranged subject to requirements and circumstances. We also have a demonstration laboratory where a number of the units are situated for easy comparison. In some circumstances we may even be able to demonstrate units and solutions already situated on customer premises.

How much do Odorox® units cost and are they economic to run?

They range in cost as you might imagine and we are happy to provide more detailed pricing on request. But they are inexpensive to use both from a power and from a spares/consumables view. We do not operate the 'printer ink' model of capital economics with Odorox®. The longer you can use your units effectively and economically the happier we are. We are also keen to develop pricing which suits your need and circumstances. For example we can apply 'green' discounts for novel applications in the UK, or retrospective incentives where economic savings that we have identified that should be possible with Odorox® are realised, or bonuses in situations where clients are prepared to act as reference sites to enable us to use their experiences to support other potential users.

Odorox® technology seems too good to be true.

Yes that is often said. Also by competitors whose own technology suffers limitations of capacity, capability and safety. But it isn't. It works effectively, safely and reproducibly in a huge range of applications, small and large by space, light or heavy by contamination. The results are easy to demonstrate whether simply removing odours immediately and long term, or removing an issue that is crippling a business or causing everyday health concerns. Our belief and assurance to you is that if you know you have a problem you are more than half way there as we will solve it for you discretely and effectively. Odorox® is simply the best technology of its type, developed from nature, however it has taken many years to perfect and therefore only now is emerging for practical use in our everyday, internal environments. Odorox® is unique and scientifically valid and technically reliable, totally safe, and avoids the inpractical and undesirable issues other so called competitor technologies provide, if they work at all on the core need, including high levels of secondary contaminants like ozone and aldehydes.

I have another question.

Please ask us.