The Odorox® product line has solutions for water & sewage treatment facilities, municipal solid waste, rendering plants, chemical manufacturing, manufacturing plants of all types, welding shops, oil/petrochemical refineries, pulp & paper mills, waste transfer sites, recycling facilities and sludge/slurry handling. Whether allied to existing air management and filtration systems Odorox® hydroxyl generators provide secondary ultrafine purity and also eliminate compounds which compromise worker safety and/or cause background odours such as: Hydrogen Sulphide. Alcohols, Ketones, Aldehydes, Acetic Acid, Creosols, Dimethydisulfide, Ammonia, Amines, Chlorine, Phenols, Acrylates, Mercaptans, Carboxylic Acids, Dimethylsulfide, Ketoles, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Butyric Acid, Ozone & many more...

1.Major Car Manufacturing Plant - How Odorox® controls odour & biofilm at a large car plant here.
2.Rendering Facility - How to manage odour emissions at a rendering plant with Odorox® here.

We also have strong evidence of how Odorox® has improved safety, productivity and cost effectiveness in various heavy industry environments such as those mentioned above and will be happy to share non-confidential detail of how this has been done. 

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