Odorox HRC06

The Odorox® HRC06 (Hydroxyl Room Curtain) unit is designed for continuous operation to 'blanket' or stream onto any area of odour or contaminant and is used to eliminate odours, bacteria, virus, VOCs, off gassing and mould contamination in high volume situations.

The HRC06 is easily able to perform in up to 5000 sq.ft. (500 sq.m.) of contaminated space, assuming a 9ft/3m ceiling and is ideal for agricultural, commercial, institutional, medical, veterinary or hospitality use. It is equipped with switch selectable 3 or 6 Odorox® Hydroxyl generating optics.

Click here for the US printable version (EU version to follow shortly).


Dimensions (w, l, h) 15.18" (386mm) x 44.38" (1128mm) X 28.03" (712mm)
Weight 138 lbs (62.7kg)

230V AC 60Hz @ 8 Amps (Max)

Control Switch Selectable 3 or 6 optics
Meter Indicates operating hours
Number of Optics 6
Fan control 1,512 CFM, 4,000 FPM (max) w/36" nozzle
Fan noise levels Sound Level @ 10 feet (3M) from the unit: 60 dB(A)

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